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Small Profitable Businesses To Start In Kenya. Number three is very lucrative

Do you often wonder which businesses are the most profitable to start in Kenya? Not everyone is cut out for 9am-5pm job. Even though you are actively employed,having a side hustle is a wise decision to make.Kenya is one of the rapidly developing countries in Africa today hence it's one of the best countries to invest in right now. In fact there are many facts and figures that make Kenya attractive as a business destination.

So without any much ado, allow me delve into small but profitable businesses you can start in Kenya today.

1) Internet Cafe.

Many people still visit internet cafes despite the availability of cheap computers.According to statistics,most internet kiosks are doing well.One only requires to select an excellent location.For instance, near a university or a betting shop.Besides providing internet services,there are several other services that an internet cafe can provide such as printing services,photocopying,selling computers e.t.c.

2) Selling snacks at the office.

In the recent past,there have been success stories of people who are making it big in the snack selling business.In case you are an excellent cook and passionate about it, you can begin by bringing some few snacks which your potential customers may like.

3) Poultry farming.

If you have capital in the region of 20,000 ksh, you can venture into local or exotic breeds.One can buy such breeds from places like Kenchick.

4) Garbage collection

Private companies can now offer this service to residents in estates and towns.This business is lucrative as it is not yet over crowded.It's future looks bright because more and more real estate companies are now opting to develop properties out of main towns.

5) Mobile money transfer shops and bank agents

Mobile money came to stay.In Kenya we have mobile money shops like Mpesa and Airtel.Popular bank agents include KCB and Equity. There is less hassle in this business during the start.All you need is, money in your account, select a good location with human traffic and also rent a secure shop.

6) Cake making business

Since there are many celebrations taking place these days,cakes are on high demand.To start a cake making business,you need excellent baking and marketing skills and a great location.

7) Butchery

Meat is a delicacy to most Kenyans.The high demand for meat makes butchery lucrative.One should ensure that the butchery is located in a busy environment such as a market or bus stage.

Kindly leave your comment below if there are any other small and lucrative businesses that one can start in Kenya as of today.

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