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How 'Malimali' business can make you rich.

Every business is to make profit and improve the living standard of an entrepreneur, 'Malimali' businesses is the easiest business anyone can do and manage.

This type of business comprises many items mostly households of different material like plastic, melamine, steel, rubber, wood and even iron.

The best thing with these kind of business is the availability of the product, most of the items are locally made thus make the market available due to it cheap price.

Many household families prefer to purchase cheaper items since the cost of living have gone high. To operate the "malimali" business follow these steps:

1. Having the capital

The capital is most vital entity in any business, though capital should not be millions but five thousand up to ten thousand are enough to start and generate good income.

Another crucial capital is mind set, you should set your mind that business is a filed of competition and the price depends on the demand.

2. Product source and availability

you should identify where you can get product at a low cost and means of transport.

3. Identify the most moving product

If you can Identify the most moving product will help you to avoid a dead stock which may lead to a loss.

4. Unique product

Having some unique product will help to attract customers

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