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Business Management analysis

Small type of business that can earn you more than Ksh 2k in a day

There are many business which can give you a profit of more than 2000 shillings in a day but not all of them will do that consistently. There are businesses which boom depending on the season. An example of such business is selling sweaters and jackets. The business will only do well during the winter season. These type of businesses which are seasonal are usually not reliable.

An example of a reliable business is a business which is in food industry because people will always feel angry everyday. A bakery is a good business. You need to start by renting a place where you will be operating your business. equipments such as oven. You also need to employ trained or qualified employee who knows how to bake variety of cakes. Marketing and advertisement section is very vital. This will enable people to know your location and the quality of cakes you make. Advertise on social media and friends. This will help you get orders whenever there is a birthday, parties, weedings or any other celebrations. You can also sell to people. The business is profitable because a small cake may go upto 200. 1kg of cake is about 600 shillings if you manage to sell about 4kg of cake you'll have made more than 2k in a day.

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