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Opinion: Don't Blame Handshake for High Fuel Prices, Blame These 3 Things ?

The government of Kenya have received a lot of criticism from netizens, clergy men and some activists who have termed it burdening the common citizens during this covid-19 period after hiking the fuels prices on date 14 this month.Many people are feeling that the government of Jubilee have betrayed them, especially when Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Amollo Odinga shook hands in 2018 to end their political enmity and focus on rebuilding the nation of Kenya.

However, Many people are blaming the handshake for what is happening right now. To be sincere, the cost of living is very high and it is becoming much stressful especially to common Mwananchi. But according to my statistics from 2018 up to date, I have come to realize that it is not the handshake that has caused this economic crisis in Kenya but these three things :

1. The Outbreak of Covid-19.

This dangerous and respiratory disease broke out in Wuhan, China on December, 2019. It has terrorized the whole world, making everything to come to a standstill. It has killed many people around 35 million, leaving almost 75 million people being infected with this deadly virus.

In order to curb its widespread, it has forced many nations to announce strict measures even introducing lockdown in various places to counter it from spreading. This has caused many companies to shut down causing many people to loose jobs all over the world. Many businesses have collapsed and especially developing countries are on knees right due to its effects on economy.

This cannot make Kenya immune from what this virus is causing to other nations in the rest part of the world. We are also feeling the effects of economic crisis as a result of lockdown, collapse of many businesses and companies which have left many people jobless. To counter this effect, the government of Kenya has sought to rise the cost of living to recover from economic crackdown post Corona.

2.Corruption Among Government officials.

Many government officials have been caught in many corruption scandals but no effective measures have been taken to put the victims on the sword of law. This have left the government with no otherwise but to increase the cost of life to increase tax collection so that they can carry out national projects efficiently.

Let us not blame handshake, let us blame our corrupt leaders whom we are fond of electing them without proper scrutiny. At one point, few months ago Uhuru told us that some people are stealing 2 billion a day from the government, should we not blame this and divert our attention to handshake? Let us think critically, we are suffering as a result of corruption.

3.Heavy Foreign Debts as a result of poor governance.

We as citizens we should blame the Jubilee government for betraying Kenyans. They have borrowed heavily but the money have not been put into accountability, hence ending up on some people's pockets. Therefore, my plea to all Kenyans is to make the right choice come 2022 by sending all the leaders who have contributed to poor living standards during Jubilee regime.

Let nobody cheat on you, because even those who voted in Jubilee government are feeling the pain as a result of poor and tribal based elections. Let us suffer and learn a lesson.

We are now operating without opposition, that is where we are supposed to see the role that Raila Odinga played to ensure common Mwananchi is cushioned from bad economic strategies when he was our official opposition leader. Now he is in government what should we do?

Handshake has disadvantages but according to me, it has stabilized the whole country and the pain of fuel prices has affected everyone including the so called Mt Kenya people. Handshake is there to make Kenya a peaceful country and not war torn country after every elections.

What is your opinion on this topic of high fuel prices in Kenya? Whom should we blame according to your opinion?

Content created and supplied by: Jobwanjala (via Opera News )

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