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What Can You Do With Just Ksh 5000?These Are Ideal Hustles That Can Make It Grow

Most people continue to struggle to get huge amounts of money in order to start businesses. Others struggle to request loans from financial institutions wich could pose mount a great pressure on them.What can someone do with little amount of money as low as Ksh5000 which I don't perceive little as most people. Below I share some simple ventures that require less amounts to take off.

1.Beans Stew And Chapati(Chafua*)

Bean or beans stew and chapati has remained one of the most prefered affordable dish by most casual group. Such business could require Initial capital of between Ksh 2000 to Ksh 5000.

A good business of this kind can fetch an average profit of Ksh 500 to Ksh 1000 .

2.Chips Or Crips

Most people prefer fast foods and chips is one of such delicacies. This business can require an average of around Ksh 2500 t0 Ksh 5000 to start and can earn you a profit of ksh 500 to Ksh 1000 per day.

3.Barber Or Salon

Salons or barber businesses could require small amounts of money to get started.

For instance,the initial equipping of barber shop could requie around Ksh 5000 or something slightly above .

4.Green Grocery

To start a green groceries stall,one needs an average of Ksh 4000 and above and if sales are good profits can be luxurious.

Other ventures that require low capital include:

1.Second Hand cloth ( Mitumba) business

2.Boiled Eggs business

3.Fruits salds

4.Fruits vending among others.

It should be noted therefore that no amount of money is small to to start.

Content created and supplied by: Fred10 (via Opera News )

Chafua* Chapati( Salon


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