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The Simplest Well Paying And Most Secured Job That Would Make You Survive In Nairobi

How much does a Security Guard make in Kenya?

Most people don't know a type of hustle they can indulge in while heading to Nairobi.

Especially those with middle or with no good/outstanding academic backgrounds. Some engage in Hustles that won't last them for long before they cease to exist and later begin to wander. Those that are experienced enough will take a direction in the security jobs industry. 

The national average salary for a Security Guard is KSh 22,000 in Kenya. That is approximately $200 dollars per month a salary enough to sustain an individual leaving in Nairobi bearing in mind that most of these security firms deploys their officers to a place closer to their residential areas.Meaning there's no transportation expenses to and from their designated areas of work.

Security jobs are so far the most convenient and sustainable in kenya and also guaranteed type of hustle that might pay bills for quite awhile before someone can land their specialized type of jobs.The industry keeps growing each and every dusk and dawn.It is majorly based on the growth of the town and city.There are so many security firms that have grown and brought in opportunities for the many job seekers in Kenya. It's not that all bread and butter but it's the kind of job that doesn't carry with it lots of pressure and even the requirements needed to get it.

Security jobs might entail sleepless nights and even day long ties but they are a secured source of income for the many jobless Kenyans in Nairobi.There are many firms and each of them pay differently according to the designation an individual has.

 Below are the different Monthly salaries of major security firms in Kenya: G4S Kenya Pays an approximate of Ksh 21000 to Ksh 23000. Wells Fargo pays ksh 22000 to Ksh 36000. KK security Pays Ksh23000 to Ksh 35000. Securex kenya pays ksh 18000 to Ksh 25000. BM or the Bob Morgan Security Company also has the same range of Ksh 18000 to Ksh 25000.The above are estimated salaries of the major security companies in Kenya.

Before making a selection in which type of job that you'll dive in. Security firm should always be the first priority considering the flexibility it has and also the Sustainability. Especially in these times where work has become an issue and keeps growing into a baffle as the world evolves.

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