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The Difference Between Dinner and Supper

Many people fail to get the difference between Dinner and Supper. Today I will tell you the difference between these two words.

Dinner is considered as the main food of the day eaten as the last meal of the day while supper is a light meal,snack eaten in the evening. In Christian theology, the term supper brings with its suggestion of finality. The most famous supper known as Last supper and immortalized in art when Jesus ate with his apostles before his crucifixion laying a groundwork for the tradition of Eucharist.

In other words,supper is more specifically a lighter evening meal,while Dinner is the main food of the day weather it takes place at noon or in the evening and is mostly a cultural thing.

Many farming families would take a pot of soup cooking throughout the day and would eat it in the Evening as supper.

In summary, Dinner is a heavy meal whereas supper is a light meal. Dinner is taken in the late evening where as supper is taken in the late afternoon or early evening. Please get the difference and dont forget to leave a comment.

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