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Did You Know You Can Use Beer to Trap Snails and Slugs in Your House or Compound?

Snails and slugs are molluscs and they mostly need a moist environment to survive. They are common in our homes due to the damp and cool conditions. Most home gardens need a moist environment to thrive, hence attracting many pests including snails and slugs.

Snails and slugs also enter our houses due to the moist environment in the kitchen and washrooms. They also enter our houses in search of warmth and shade or to find food including leftovers and compost.

Inorder to trap the snails and slugs, one can use beer traps as they are a popular way to trap and kill snails and slugs. A study has shown that snails and slugs like beer hence this helps to lure them in the traps. The yeast in the beer is actually what attracts the snails and slugs.

Beer traps lure snails and slugs from their hiding places in the house or garden from a far distance.

When the snails and slugs get to the beer traps, they fall in the beer after drinking it and getting intoxicated hence drowning.

To use the beer traps, place small containers filled with beer in places where the snails are likely to be. These include kitchens, bathrooms and the garden.

Ensure that the traps are held in place, or if in the garden, ensure they are buried in the ground to prevent them from tipping over.

This method of trapping snails and slugs has many advantages. It is effective and it requires a low cost to install. It also requires minimal effort and most traps can be made at home.

Additionally, one can use vegetables and herbs that are resistant to snails and slugs. These include; cucumbers, garlic, onions, coriander and rosemary.

Content created and supplied by: ZippySpeaksHealth (via Opera News )


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