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Utilise Your Land By Growing Orange Trees, It Can Earn You Lucrative Amount Of Money

Have you ever sat down somewhere and thought for yourself how you can make money, not just small amount of money actually but huge amount of money. This happens mostly when you are thinking of investing in a certain business project but when you check the amount you have it is insufficient to start the project you have in mind.

The problem is that sometimes we think beyond our limits and this can make someone give up in life. A journey of one thousand miles can just begin with one step, I tell you.

Do not go beyond what you can not manage start with what you can manage first and utilise the resources that are available at that time. The common resource that majority of our citizens have is land. You can utilise this resources by initiating an agricultural project which requires little amount of money and within few years your name can appear among those who earns thousands of money.

Some profitable agricultural projects may take long before they start generating income to a farmer but ones they start you will just be smiling for yourself since it will be showering you with a lot of money.

One of such projects is orange farming. To invest in this business you need a piece of land approximately 2 hectares, roughly 5,000 to 8,000 shillings and you will be at a good position to start this business project.

You will use that amount to buy orange tree seedlings or seeds the one you prefer but buying seedlings is the best option.

With 2 hectares you can plant approximately 150 orange trees and it only takes 3 to 4 years for your orange trees to mature and produce flowers. Ones they start flowering you will only give them 7 months and the fruits will be mature.

One tree of orange can bare roughly 100 oranges therefore if you planted 150 orange trees you will harvest roughly 15,000 oranges.

One orange cost roughly 15 shillings and go up to 20 shillings therefore if you sell all your oranges you will get approximately 225,000 shillings.

With orange trees the cycle will continue for even 9 to 10 years. You will still just be earning from your project.

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