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5 ways to make up to 1000 dollars a month by blogging.

1. Start. 

Stop talking about it, planning and reading about it, just start. Create the blog and post your first article already. In order to make money use a self hosted blog, you will have to buy a domain name and instead of using a let's say [email protected] blog your blog can be Buying a domain is pretty cheap and it ensures that you have complete control of your blog and can monetize it in whatever way you choose to. Make sure your blog looks professional and post content that is well researched and credible. This is winning people's trust.

2. Monetize. 

As soon as you have a few posts on the blog, go a head and monetize. Head on to AdSense and apply for the ads, it doesn't pay as much money but it's a good start and when you get a bigger audience apply for bigger ad companies that pay more. Having ads at the start allows your audience to get used to them from the start. 

3. Social media presence.


In today's world the easiest way to market anything including your blog is through social media so go ahead and create an online presence. It will really help to use the same name across all platforms so that SEO will place you higher on the search engines. For instance, if your blog talks about fashion and is called,, your name on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social media platform should be fashion girl so that when someone Google's a topic related to fashion your name/blog will show up among the first results.


When focusing on social media, it is important to note which platform is most convenient for promoting your blog, Instagram for example does not even let you post links to articles, besides how many times have you clicked a link to a blog while on Instagram? Exactly. Pinterest on the other hand is made for blogs and makes quite easy for people to click on the links to your blog. Know where to spend your energy. 

Still on the social media topic, it is important to learn SEO, search engine optimization, works. The SEO will determine how your articles rank, whether they'll show up on the first or last page and how high up a page they'll be placed. To increase chances of ranking higher, write quality material, remember the key words and do not use titles that sound like click bait, to know more about SOE watch out for my next article. 

4. Affiliate marketing. 

As long as you have an audience, then you can do affiliate marketing. While the ads money can be good, affiliate marketing will be a good boost to your income and you'll be surprised that it can add up to quite a good amount. Marker products that you would actually use, good quality products si that you maintain the trust between you and your readers and keep getting the commissions. 

5. Brand endorsement. 

Now this is where the big money is. Once you have curved out your niche and created a place for yourself as a blogger, your audience start to value your opinion and you gain an influence over them. This means that they are likely to listen to your opinions and if you tell them a brand is good, they will listen. Brands will pay good money for you to do so. Remember it will take a lot of hard work and consistency to get here but it is totally worth it.

Content created and supplied by: SheilaMuyela (via Opera News )

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