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Business Ideas Youths Must Try Out To Succeed in Life

Gone are the days when graduates used to be hot cake in the job market. Today, there are thousands of jobless graduates in the country where only a few who are lucky and we'll connected have been able to secure well paying jobs.

In this article, we are going to share secret for success with educated youths who are looking for jobs. Today, the secret to success is to be self-employed. We are going to see several business ideas for youths that requires relatively low capital to start.

Selling Second hand Clothes

This is the most popular business ideas which involves selling of second hand clothes popularly known as "Mitumba Clothes". It requires less capital to start. A bale of second hand clothes ranges from Kshs 15,000 to Kshs 25,000 depending on the type of clothes and size of the bale.

Poultry Farming

This involves raring of chicken for eggs or for meat. There are high breed chics that are sold in the market for as low as Kshs 50 bob per chic. These chics roughly three months to be able to sell them. For a young graduate who is determined, this is a great business idea.

Selling Eggs and Smokies

This is another business idea that requires relatively low capital to start. With atlst Kshs 25,000 you can start this type of business. Anyone doing this business in a good day can make upto Ksh 1000 as a profit in a good day.

Mpesa Shop

Becoming Mpesa agent is also another business idea that does not require huge capital. Mpesa shop attendant can make upto Ksh 2000 as a profit depending on the traffic of the area where your shop is located.

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Mitumba Clothes


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