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Countries With The Highest Debts in The World

Debts are very good in developing a country if and only they are used well, many countries in the world even those that are considered as the richest have debts most of which they borrowed from their internal banks during the period that they were strengthening their economies.

Here are the countries with the highest debts in the world;

1. USA with a debt of $18 286 trillion.

2. The United Kingdom with a debt of $7 499 trillion.

3. France with a debt of $5 250 trillion.

4. Germany with a debt of $5 084 trillion.

5. Netherlands with a debt of $4 124 trillion.

6. Luxembourg with a debt of $3 900 trillion.

7. Japan with a debt of $3 408 trillion.

8. Italy with a debt of $2 285 trillion.

9. Ireland with a debt of $2 236 trillion.

10. Spain with a debt of $2 036 trillion.

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