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Ruto to Reduce Prices of Unga, Maize And Fertilizers Next Week, More Details Revealed.

More than twenty heads of state are expected to attend Ruto's inauguration event, which will be held at Kasarani Stadium.

During a thanksgiving service at Maua Stadium in Meru County, Ruto said that if he is elected, he will change the prices of maize flour and fertilizers.

Ruto said, "After talking with people from the Department of Agriculture, I will announce new fertilizer prices." He also said that the upcoming reform of Kenya's agriculture sector will change the cost of living in the country.

"Tea producers, for example, pay Sh6,000 for fertilizers, while cereal farmers pay Sh6,500," he added.

Additionally, the incoming president has committed to building a market for the principal export of the Meru region, miraa.

He maintains that he will crack down on cartels in the sector, saying that they prevent farmers from earning an honest living through their labor.

He has also said that he will meet with the president of Somalia to talk about a number of things, the most important of which is the miraa market.

"I will meet with the president of Somalia this week. I am expected to see him. We will talk about your miraa market. Concerning this industry, you should not be alarmed by cartels. "Since you gave me the cane, I will thrash them," he said.

"Once I lay my Bible down on Tuesday, it will be me vs. them."

Those who are familiar with any of the cartels should be immediately notified. Ruto said, "I have stated that I would be coming for them, so give them warning."

In his message to the inhabitants of Meru, the outgoing Vice President assured his supporters that his government would accommodate his steadfast allies who lost the election on August 9th.

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