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Is This The Most Developed Country In The World?

What really makes a country to be considered as developed? I guess it's the performance of the economy in terms of GDP, standards of infrastructure and the industrialization level.

Now, let me take you through what Norway has and see if you agree with me. According to the UN development report, Norway has a human development index of 0.954 with a life expectancy of 82.3 years.

The country's economy is boosted by it's huge exportation of petroleum products and natural gas over the last three decades. With a GDP per capita of 75,419.63 US dollars and growth rate of 1.2% per annum, Norway is surely a top performer. The unemployment rate is very low at 5.2%.

On matters infrastructure, Norway is blessed with wonderfully diverse natural landscapes. It also has a total of 98 airports that are fully certified by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Forty-five of which are owned by the government.

The main one is known as the Oslo Lufthavn Airport located at Gardermoen in the country's capital.

The world's deepest subsea tunnel is found in Norway.

The Ryfylke tunnel stretches at 14.4 km and is 292 metres deep below the sea level. It's designed for 10,000 vehicles per day.

The other one is the Ryfast tunnel.

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