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5 Tips Any Farmer Who Want To Initiate A Profitable Poultry Farming Should Know

Many people face a lot of challenges when it comes to make the right decision on which type of farming activity they should initiate. This is normal since you may have a lot of projects at hand. Therefore to avoid such situations you should have a well laid plan on what type of farming you want to initiate. Be it poultry rearing, dairy farming among many other agricultural activities.

All these farming activities have their own benefits, and the benefit you get from poultry rearing or any other type of farming can help you initiate many other Profitable business activities outside here.

The good thing with poultry farming is that it can do well in rural areas compared to urban centers. This gives those who want to initiate this business project an advantage since you only need to select a small place in your home compound and construct a house for your poultry.

I think most of us are familiar with the kind of good money you can make from poultry farming and we don't have to go back to that. Incase we have to then with poultry farming you can make roughly between 20,000 to 500,000 shillings depending with number of poultry you have kept.

Now let's get to the main agenda why we have kept you here for a long time reading through our article.

As a poultry farmer there are some few tips you should master before you start this business project. These tips are very crucial and can equip you with all the vital things you should know as a poultry farmer.


As a poultry farmer you should choose the best place where you want to build your poultry house. There are few things you have to observe here, the house should be built in a slightly raised environment, place should be secure among many other things.

Hutchery Management.

This is another crucial areas you should seek to no more. There are currently many Poultry WhatsApp groups that you can join and learn such skills from fellow poultry farmers.

Poultry diseases and how to control them.

This is a big challenge that discourage many farmers from starting poultry farming and it also make other poultry farmers quit this lucrative business project.

You can only overcome this if you call a veteran to check his your poultry are doing, and this should be regularly, may be after 2 weeks.

How to make homemade incubators

Homemade incubators are cheap compared to the ready made incubators therefore if you master how to make a homemade incubators you can minimise the amount you will spend on buying incubators from the markets.

Marketing strategy.

This is the most important thing, this is because you started poultry business project with an aim of making money and to make money you have to find market for your goods which in this case can be broilers, eggs and chick.

For poultry there is always ready available market you don't need to struggle to get customers.

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