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Ten Untapped businesses with massive amount of profits in Kenya in 2021/22

If you want to start your own business but you don’t have any ideas on what to do, this blog post will give you 10 untapped business ideas in Kenya 2021.

Kenya is a country with untapped business potential. There are so many untapped opportunities in the market that you can turn into profitable businesses if you know what you’re doing!

Here is a list of untapped business ideas in Kenya 2021.

1. E-Commerce business

E-commerce remains untapped fully due to lack of ICT and logistical infrastructure, customer reluctance, low Internet penetration, and inadequate digital literacy.

However, this is changing, and Kenya has one of the largest e-commerce markets on the African continent with a growing population, increasing Internet access, and high mobile penetration.

Investing in an e-commerce business is a good idea and more so better if you have an offline business that you can take online easily by leveraging social media.

2. Mobile game development

Mobile game development is an industry that has a lot of potential in Kenya. Mobile games are the most popular type of mobile application, and they’re more or less free to make, so it’s easy for anyone who knows how to code to get started with their own apps.

Mobile game developers can monetize through ads, paid downloads, or micro-transactions within the app itself. Mobile gaming represents over 30% of all revenue from digital content globally, and African countries like Kenya have seen significant growth in this sector. So there’s plenty of room for new entrants into the market here.

3. Wearables business

Wearables have been changing our lives has led to new industries forming around them — like wearables-enabled fitness devices or smartwatches with payment capabilities such as Apple Pay. And this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

So wearables is a great niche for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs who want to build on the African wearables market.

The wearables industry in Africa has been steadily growing. More people are receptive to these products that they can use for health tracking and other practical uses like connected bracelets that unlock doors or let you pay at stores without using your phone.

4. Subscription business

The subscription business is still untapped in Kenya. Although there is huge potentials in the subscription business, such as clubs and services.

There are many subscription businesses to choose from. These include wine, beer, sweets, natural products, makeup kits, cosmetics, and accessories for pets, all of which the public may order every month. Find a market niche that has not yet been explored and start your own business with recurring payments.

The best thing about this type of company is that it covers many needs in one single item.

5. Sale of vegetarian and vegan products

This is another untapped small business idea in Kenya 2021. The Sale of vegetarian and vegan products increases due to an increased number of people becoming interested in a healthy diet.

You will never go wrong with the food industry in Kenya since people will always eat.

You may sell any products that comply with the Sale of vegetarian and vegan products requirements.

6. Sale of natural and handmade cosmetics

There is a certain kind of awareness not only in Kenya but globally about caring for the environment. There is an opportunity here where you can go into the business of natural and handmade cosmetics.

The trend is growing, and there are already several businesses in this niche. This remains to be an untapped business idea in Kenya but will soon be discovered.

7. Real estate business

The real estate business in Kenya is still untapped, especially in the affordable housing segment. Many Kenyans are on the look for housing but don’t have huge capital.

On the other end, realtors focussed too much on the upper and middle class, leaving a whole segment of the market untapped.

Office rental is also a good business to venture into.

8. IT Services in Kenya

Kenya is regarded as the Tech-hub of Africa and the Silicon Savanna.

The reason why Kenya has such high demands for IT service providers is because Kenyans are always looking out for new technology, which means that there will be more opportunities coming up with time; most Kenyan’s use smartphones, so mobile app development would also generate many more business opportunities; It’s easier than ever to get started thanks to the support from the Government; IT services in Kenya are cheaper and as a result more affordable to businesses.

9. Food delivery business

As I mentioned before, you can never go wrong with the food industry.

Food delivery in Kenya is still relatively untouched, and you can establish a successful business as long as you have the right marketing strategies. Food delivery means different things to different people. Still, it mostly boils down to delivering food from one place to another without having the customer contact the seller.

A few popular Kenyan food delivery services are FoodPanda, UberEats, Jumia Food Service, which offer both restaurants or individuals who cater for events to register on their platform and list their menus/foods that they serve. These platforms connect customers looking for restaurant meals with nearby eateries able to provide them at reasonable prices depending on the order location and proximity of commodities (e.g., fresh produce).

10. Car rental service

With services such as Uber, bolt, and the like being around has killed the car hire business. You’re mistaken.

Car rental services offer a different experience for travellers. Car rental service is still an untapped business in Kenya, with more and more people using car hire services on their travels worldwide.

Here is an example of the idea that will make you one of the top providers in this industry.

You can rent out your cars to other drivers who need them when they aren’t driving themselves or want to avoid high costs associated with owning a vehicle, such as insurance premiums, fuel charges, and parking fees at airports. A few companies allow customers to book vehicles online, while others require appointments set up by phone call or email

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