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Business Management analysis

A Small Business That Can Earn You A Huge Profit In A Day

As far as business is concerned the best advice I can give you is to invest in small business That you can manage. If you can't manage to initiate a big business then start these small businesses they are the best since they pay frequently.

With this therefore it means that you can not lack Money in a day since your business will be generating money every day.

The secret of managing this small business is very simple, just be industrious and have a well organized plan. Also ensure that you are consistent with the time you always open your business so that your customers knows the right time you always open.

Here is a small business activity that can pay you a good amount of money per day. I will take you through ways that you can make this business generate good income for you

Start a samosa business project and to initiate this business you only need not less than 5,000 shillings infact even 5,000 shillings is much.

First buy two packates of wheat flour which cost a Total of (140 × 2) which is 2,80 shillings. Add 1 litre of cooking oil which is almost 1,00 shillings, this is enough to prepare 2 packates of wheat flour. Also buy the necessary equipments you will need like cooking pan and dry firewoods.

This doesn't need you to build a shop of your own you can just construct a small stall from where you will be operating, ensure you build your stall in an open place in a town or center where you can get access to many customers.

Two packates of wheat flour can make averagely 200 samosas and one such samosa cost 10 shillings in big towns. If you manage to sell all your 200 samosas in a day then you will pocket (200×10) which is 2,000 shillings in a day.

Let's assume you spend only something like 5,00 on buying the items you used like wheat flour and many others then you will make a profit of (2,00- 500) which is 1,500 shillings.

If you make such a profit daily you will manage to make a profit profit of (1,500 ×30) which is 45,000 shillings in a month. If you calculate this in a year (45,000 ×12) which is 540,000 shillings in a year.

Content created and supplied by: AllanJoshua (via Opera News )


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