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How long does it take to get back your investment and start making profit in the matatu industry

It's considered as one of the most profitable business to engage in Kenya but is it? If it is, then how much do you need to invest in it and how long will it take you to start making profit after getting back your investment.

For you to venture into the matatu industry you first of all need a vehicle. On avarage a partially used Toyota hiace can range from 750,000 to 1.5million depending on it's state but I recommend you go for a new one which is about 2.2 million. Then you'll have to find a Sacco and register which might cost an avarage of ksh.30,000. I prefer you register with a Sacco before adding graffiti on your vehicle as there are some Sacco's which have specific method of branding their vehicles. You'll then have to look for the insurance and also have to install the speed governor and also take your vehicle for inspection on avarage if you bought a brand new vehicle at 2.2million you Will have invested avaragely 2.4 million.

Depending on the route you choose and the type of driver you have,on a day you can make a profit of upto 10,000 that's if you have a driver who cares for the vehicle and is loyal to you. That therefore means that after one and half years you will have returned back your investment and began enjoying the profits

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