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"Creativity" Meet the Lady making Thousands of money in moving with DP Ruto's Brigade selling Caps

Entrepreneurship calls for creativity and innovation for its success. Many people have been able to advance in their businesses by taking advantage of the market demands.

The current political movement in the country where various leaders are busy engaging the public to rally behind their parties as the clock ticks towards 2022 election have attracted many of young investors branding t-shirts and caps.

A lady whose video has been trending online after disclosing that she moved from Kitengela, Nairobi to Nakuru city where DP Ruto meeting was held to sell hustler caps have received alot of praise online.

She disclosed that she sold severally during yesterday's meeting at price of Ksh 1000 per cap. In a video shared by Brygettes Ngana, popular journalist on her twitter account.

Loise displays the kind of creativity that most youth who are citing unemployment being a challenge to them need to adopt especially during the forthcoming elections. There are various opportunities currently that can generate income even with little capital. They should keep in mind that commitment should be central in any other work.

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