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Reasons Why Increase In Fuel Price Leads To Hiking Of Prices Of The Commodities (Opinion)

The people of the country majorly depends on the commodities for their daily survivals that are produced within and sold by different business operators.

The production of these goods entirely depends on the supply of raw materials into the different companies to be turned into finished products.

To get the raw materials to the factory for processing or production, there are several means that are involved in ferrying these materials such as tractors and vehicles which entirely depends on the oil.

After the production or processing of these goods, they are then transported to different market places to reach the final consumers.

Here again the transportation entirely depends on the fuel consumption as it involves use of machines such as lories for transportation.

Therefore as the fuel price increases, the expenses across the chain from production to transportation of the finished product to the final consumers becomes so expensive leading to an increased price for these commodities within the markets.

This is the crucial point that all consumers should be aware of.

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