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15 Tallest Buildings In The World

According to JPS magazine, the list of tallest buildings include skyscrapers with occupiable floors. Six of the 10 tallest buildings are in China. Here are tallest buildings in the world right now.

1. China Zun (1,731 feet)

Unique design was used that curves the building inward as it rises before it curves outward again near the top of a 109-floor structure.

2. Taipei 101 ( 1,667 feet)

The building has eight segments of eight floor each.

3. Shangai World Financial Centre (1,622 feet)

It resemble bottle opener thanks to the open space at the very top. There are 101 floors within the massive structure.

4. International Commerce Centre (1,588 feet)

The building in Hong Kong opened its doors in 2010.

5. Lakhata Centre (1,516 feet)

The design of Lakhta Centre in St. Petersburg, Russia offer plenty of open space for pedestrians.

6. Petronas Towers 1 and 2 (1,483 feet)

The two-story in Malaysia has skybridge that connects these two towers at 41st and 42nd floors. People can cross from one to another without going all the way down to the ground and up again.

7. Al Hamra Towers

It is located in Kuwait City. It was designed to block out sun rays thus aiding in the passive cooling of the building.

8. Princes Towers

It is the tallest residential building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

9. Jin Mao Tower

This tower in Shanghai, China has corridors winding around it in spiral.

10. 432 Park Avenue

This building in New York City is tallest all-residential skyscraper in the world.

11. Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Binhai Centre (1,739 feet)

The building in China opened its doors on 2019. It has eight massive placed columns that provide support and stability in event of earthquake or seismic activity.

12. One World Trade Centre (1,776 feet)

The building was completed in 2014 in New York City. It is the tallest building in North America.

13. Lotte World Tower (1,819 feet)

A 123 floor skyscraper in Seoul, South Korea. The steel building curves inward as it rises.

14. Ping An Finance Centre (1,965 feet)

It is in Shenzhen, China. It has 115 floors and was designed to provide hotels, office and retails space.

15. Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel ( 1.972 feet)

It is in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The building was built to afford comfortable accommodation to wealthy muslims pilgrims making the Haji.

16. Burji Khalifa

It is in Dubai, UAE and was completed in 2010. It soar to 3, 281 feet- a full kilometre.

Content created and supplied by: EnockKipkorirYator (via Opera News )

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