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Mimi Naenda Nyumbani Hii Ni Nyumba Ya Wenyewe: Check How Uhuru Made Farmers Laugh At State House

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya on Saturday hosted delegates of tea farmers at State House where they shared with them how to best control the agricultural business. The leaders have just been elected and are set to take their new roles in the tea agencies.

President Uhuru advised the new leaders to work well to ensure that the sector grows. He read through the records of the past year and revealed that the tea growing sector has been improving and has generated a lot of income for the people of Kenya.

He also told the new leaders to no make the offices they will be holding their home. Uhuru said that the offices have their owners and one should not assume it is theirs. He went ahead to give an example of himself. He said that the State House is not his home because he is leaving soon. He asked them to work hard and make a mark of their name as that is what will be left behind.

"This thing was run kama ni nyumba ya mtu. Hii sio nyumba ya watu ni nyumba ya wakulima. Na ni juu yenu sasa, msikuje mkae mzoee mfikirie pia sasa ni nyumba yenu. Ama namna gani. Hii nyumba ina wenyewe. Si hata mimi mnaona naelekea nyumbani Kwa sababu hii ni nyumba ya wenyewe. Ama ni namna gani wenzangu? Hata hii yenu Ina wenyewe," Uhuru said.

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