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You’re Being Scammed, The Truth About Online Businesses

1. Do what you know and love

Focus on a product that you know, love, and understand, it’s easier to become an expert and to get excited

2. If your product sucks, don’t sell it — if you wouldn’t use it, don’t sell

3. Reviews are real and important — consumers express themselves so be ready to defend yourself.

4. Having an amazing customer service is critical — resolve issues AND make customers happy

5. If you don’t set yourself apart from everyone else, you’re doomed

6. It’s all about marketing — you need to get people to know about your product! It’s the hardest piece of the entrepreneur puzzle because everyone is competing for the same eyeballs.

7. Shipping is expensive — packages have a hard time making it to their destinations 100% of the time. International is whole other ball game. Heavy packages are expensive to ship, and info products aren’t ship so profits are much higher.

8. You need to be constantly thinking and innovating — don’t get comfortable. Constantly think about how to be better.

9. The competition is out there — be willing to do what it takes to success. The more successful, the more competition however.

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