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Reason Why Fuliza is Trending.

For the last 24 hours fuliza has being trending in our social media platforms. Fuliza is a good development that the Safaricom has introduced to Mpesa customers so that it will serve as an overdraft when one has no money to use and a need arises. This has helped many people around even start up a business when their limit is of a large amount of money and be able to pay the money back when the business gains profit.

Fuliza has helped parents to pay some amount of fees to their students and ensure their students are not out of school due to lack of fees all thanks to the help of Safaricom for bringing up this system to people. Applying for a fuliza loan is very easy and one has to dial *234* and go to option zero and follow the procedure to complete your registration. You are now able to pay your balances even when you do not have enough money in your account.

The reason behind the trend of fuliza is that; their terms have being updated and if you have an account with KCB bank and NCBA bank and you have defaulted on your fuliza obligation, the can hold up your money till you clear up your fuliza loan. It will be harsh to the people but it reasonable on why this has happen it is because people are ending up throwing the fuliza line and forget about the loan. A question still remains in what of the other people who are using a different bank accounts apart from this mentioned will they come to fall under the same ruling by Safaricom?

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