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Selling Replecment Parts For Phones And Other related Items Can Earn You Lucrative Commission

We are all looking forward to start a business that can generate some income, which may in turn impact our lives positively. With business you will never luck some amounts in your pocket.

The only reason and a major problem why most of people in Kenya and generally Africa as a whole do not invest in business activities is lack of fund, and due to the fact that most of the countries in Africa are third world countries. Meaning they are countries which are still developing economically, financially and politically.

This should not be a barrier that hinders you from starting your small business. Success does not chase after you, you should chase after success and avoid comfort zone that currently most of people are in. Better find a way of getting some little amount that you can use to start a small scale business.

Getting funds is now more easy compared to some years past. You can currently borrow from micro finance farms among many other organizations that offer small scale loans.

Currently the most used item or rather electronic device in the world as a whole is phone and therefore if you invest in selling some phone parts like screen, battery, screen protectors among many other parts can earn some good amount.

You can either open a small shop for that or hawk from one market to another during market days.

To start this business you need roughly between 20,000 shillings and 50,000 shillings depending with the option you choose, that is either opening a shop or just hawk.

Some the replacement parts for phone you can sell and make good commission are many, we will major on this in our next article.

With this you can make a commission of roughly between 50 shillings to 100 shillings depending with the price of the part you sell, and due to the fact that phone is one of the majorly used electronic device you will always make some sells.

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