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Farming And Cultivation Technology

Agriculture is the most important aspect in life of human beings throughout the years. The gradually improvement have been witnessed for many years. The increasing demands for food from all over the world due to the increasing number of people in the world has led to the improvement in the sector of the agriculture. A lot of innovation and creativity have been developed. It has also results in the specializations and use of technology and machines. The productions of crops including the rice, maize and wheat has increase dramatically as they are stable food for most of the people.

The advancing in technology and science has boost food production including development of new crop varieties, advancing pesticides and fertilizers. The most known practices of cultivation include monoculture, intensive tillage, intensive cultivation, irrigation technology and genetics manipulation.

Monoculture is where one crop is cultivated alone in the field. This make it easy for cultivation, control weeds and harvesting. The Intensive tillage involves deeply cultivation of soil where modern agricultural methods are used including the use of tractors and farm implements. The soil is loosen and water drains better. The enhance the crop yields quality and quantity.

The fertilizers are of different types. They are used to support the crop yields and for faster growth. Irrigation technology are employed most on places with low rainfall. It also depends on the crops. For instance the crop like rice need a lot of water hence irrigation is necessary. There are different types of irrigation including use of furrows and pipe irrigation. Genetic manipulation are used to control pest and improves on the quality of the crop. Extensive cultivation involves increasing more land under cultivation.

The science and technology in agricultural sector is improving everyday where currently the Internet of things are now involves. This will involves the use of sensors and automation. This will maximize the production rate and ensure minimum wastage of resources. Though this technology have not been fully utilized currently in most areas. Technology is still advancing to different areas.


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