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4 Markets To Buy Cheap Things In Nairobi

For most Nairobians being able to eke a living is not an easy fête and budgeting is the best option for many kenyans.Nairobi's cost of living is very expensive but if you know your way around you can save a lot of money.

Vegetables, clothes, cutlery, house items like curtains, basins, soaps electronics and other foods can be expensive.However some Kenyan markets have all these at throw away prices.Now that the covid restrictions were lifted recently it's time to restock from these markets to get you through the tough economic times.

1.Gikomba market.

The market has everything from food, clothes, electronics, household accessories,even furniture.Second hand clothes such as t-shirts, trousers,belts,socks and shoes can be bought with as little as 20 shillings.Furniture is affordable than anywhere in Nairobi and if you want to buy meat you will find fish, chicken,meat and omena which is cheaper per kilo than other markets.

Earphones, charges and phone covers will cost you 100 shillings to 200 shillings.Vegetables can be bought in bulk at enticing prices.Infact most businesses shop from gikomba and sell at inflated prices.

Everything is cheap all you need is a carrier bag and good eyes to get the best goods.

2.City market.

Kenyans coming from work flood here to buy their vegetables, fruits and clothes they can carry before they run out.Another added advantage is that you can bargain for a fair price.It is on the road and vendors lay their miscellaneous along the roadside while calling out for customers.

3.Muthurwa market.

It's a busy market that is located just a stone throw away from Gikomba market.It has all sorts of vegetables at affordable prices, clothes like jeans, women's shoes, sandals and electronics accompanied with furniture.Its the best place to buy metallic products.

4.Toi market.

Although the prices are a little higher compared to the rest quality of goods is also better.The market also sells African wear such as necklaces, bracelets and belts.The best day to visit is during weekends.

Other cheap markets that I have personally enjoyed the prices include Marikiti, Eastleigh,Korogocho and Nyamakima where you get cereals and vegetables at comparatively lower prices per kilo.

Source; TripAdvisor and Kuza Biashara.

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