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Revealed: How State Will Deal With Defaulters Of Hustler Fund

Defaulters rust higher interest rates, of their accounts. Over one million Kenyans borrowed sh408 million on the first day.

The state will seize savings account by borrowers of the hustlers fund in case they default on loans to mitigate against Loses.

A section of kenyans are yet to be able to receive the hustlers fund since yesterday. But according to report over one million Kenyans borrowed over 408 millions.

Many Kenyans are also disappointed after Releasing that the hustlers fund is not Free Money. During president William Ruto Campaigns he said that the hustlers fund might be a grant but after the win the story is not same as during the Campaigns.

Do you think that the hustlers fund can transform the lives of the hustlers as alleged by president William Ruto's camp?

It's now a matter of wait and see what happens in the coming months how many more Kenyans will borrow the hustlers fund.

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