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Its too Early to Give up

At one point, we go broke. We are left wondering how to start again. If not all of us, then some of us have passed through such unpleasant situations. All we need is nuggets that can help us raise from such situations. Here are 3 nuggets that can help us get to achieving more.

Services do sell nowadays. Recently, in Kenya there was a clip of a guy charging 10 bob for directing someone in Nairobi city.

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Well, you might despise that guy. Believe it or not, he made some few coins that day. The reason for saying so, there are some of us who can’t secure a loan or even getting one is a challenge. You can analyze what services you can offer. For example if you can shave people, then visit the nearest barber shop and talk well with the barber to allow you assist him. When you have perfected the art, ask him to pay you some amount of money. Save the few coins you making, one day you can open your own barber shop.

Share your ideas with someone else. They say unity is strength, if you are seeking to go far look for someone who can listen to your ideas, help you in monetizing them or connect you to the best people in line with the idea. There is power in partnership, even introverts do require a hand, sometime in their day to day activities. Partnership with relevant people, results to more solution to arriving at solution to problems encountered. Guys who have lost in forex and seek a comeback they indulge in partnership. The beauty in partnership is that more ideas are available. Also, it is not that painful after losing compared to when someone is alone.

Keep grinding. We all face failures at one point on the road to success. We take a retreat, build strength, learn from previous mistakes then continue working towards the destination which success.  Just like, metamorphosis process of a butterfly so is the success process.

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The first step is eggs being hatched which is idea stage, followed by larva stage where we are trying but things seem upside down. Then the pupa stage where our efforts are rarely recognized by anyone. The butterfly stage, which is the final stage, attracts everyone as continuous efforts resulted to success. Everyone applauds us at the final stage owing to the great success which is outstanding. Bottom line perseverance, continuous efforts and failures along the way are the true definition of success.

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