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5 Business Ideas That Will Make You wealthy

Creating a successful business is perhaps the most sure way of escaping poverty. It can be a little hard to come up with a strategic business idea though, so here are a few.

1. Bee keeping.

Bees have a hundred percent positive input to the environment. A lot of industries also require bee products to use as raw materials. Beeswax, royal jelly and honey bread are all used. Honey is also used for manufacture of medicine, cosmetics and more making it a quite in demand product. Forbes even estimated the be industry value at $20 billion.

2. Sustainable housing.

With population growth and influx in certain areas, investing in housing is a solid investment. It will pay off for years and you are bound to get your money's worth. Housing that is environmental friendly and saves on space might just be your ticket to wealth.

3. Turning trash into treasure.

You will be solving two problems at the same time and we all know that a good business starts with the solution to a problem. Think of places like Nairobi that have issues with garbage disposal. Then think is company that doesn't just dispose garbage but uses the garbage to create things. A dumping site where, the food waste is combined to make compost, plastic recycled and resolved and metal waste also recycled and resoled.

4. Mobile friendly eLearning site.

After the pandemic, everything went online. So did education. If you were to create an eLearning platform that is mobile friendly you are bound to become an overnight success. Mobile friendly because according to research, most of the enternet users ,use their phones.

5. Write the next best seller.

Think Harry Potter and Twilight. These are books that made the writers billionaires just because they were turned into great movies. You don't even have to be literally talented, just think of a story that might get Hollywood's attention.

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