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Farmers In Western Kenya worried Due To Inconsistency In Rainfall After Planting

Farmers in Western region of the country are counting loses due to inconsistent in rainfall in the reregion. This comes after many had took their seed to the farms just rain to disappear after planting. This may leave many farms without germination taking place.Many farms took their seeds to farm after a heavy shower on Monday and Tuesday in many parts of Kakamega,Busia and Bungoma. This saw most farmers taking their seeds to farm as they were much certain of coming of rains.

But from Wednesday todate most parts of the region has had no rainfall, insteady the place is now accompanied with dry winds early in the morning and late midday accompanied with high sun intensity and with very clear sky.This has created panic and worry to many farmers as they are not sure if their seeds will germinate as the prevailing conditions are rally alarming.

Previously long rains normally starts in February in many parts of the western region. This normally see most farmers planting their farms mid February of every year.But with trend in rain pattern. It's not clear when most farmers will be planting. The prolonged delay in rainfall may see hunger affecting thousands from western region. Lets hope that God will intervene the situation so that farmers are rescued from heavy loses.

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