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Moses Kuria on Why Maize Farmers Will Suffer Huge Lose Soon- VIDEO

Trade CS Moses Kuria has today said the Ruto Govt might be forced to have Maize farmers suffer major loss in the coming Days. Speaking via an exclusive report by NTV on Saturday evening, the controversial CS noted it was Sad and unfortunate that some Maize Farmers are holding Millions of Bags of Maize waiting for the Price to go up while Ordinary Kenyans continue to suffer as far as Cost of Unga is concerned.

In addition, Kuria reported that the Govt is giving Maize Farmers a period of 14 days from today to release their Maize to the Millers or else risk suffering Loss should the Govt continue to import GMO Maize in the coming Days.

"We Are Telling Our Farmers to release Maize or risk suffering losses which won't be blamed on the Ruto Govt. When we campaigned, we told Kenyans lowering price of living will be the agenda Number One.... Hiyo (Mahindi) wakicheza Watapea Mbwa My friend," Kuria Said.

Watch The Video from 0:15 to 0:27

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