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BBI Cannot resolve our problems.

The Building Bridges Initiative is not in any way structured to solve our problems as Kenyans. If the actors means good for this country, they can just implement the 2010 constitution because it contains all the tenets that can push the country forward. I don't really understand why BBI referendum is being pushed on Kenyans while we aren't sure of what we are voting for. First why is this document being hidden ? Ordinary people do not know its contents ? Rumours says it focuses on enriching the political classes, the masses will continue to suffer. Our Parliament should support programs that help reduces the vices that keep us stagnant:

Fund our counties

Fight tribalism

Reduce taxation

Minimise borrowing

Make our tax system effective

Citizen should forge ahead with low expectation from the political class. They have mastered the art of manipulating us. They come to us and feed our frustration and we end up thinking they are our God send saviours. But their intentions is to destroy the economy and steal the taxes of the citizens. They are led by personal interest that included protection of their loots. My We get the courage confront bad decisions being made by parliament or executive. Taxation without jobs, expensive education, poor health, substandard infrastructure etc. We can fix this by voting on the basis of policies and not on the basis of my tribe, my people.

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BBI Building Bridges Initiative


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