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Businesses to Start with 100k Capital Today

Most people have capital but lack àn idea on what us the most profitable businesses to take part in inorder to recover their money and become wealthy . Most people have covered losses due to wrong decision making on the best business idea to put your money into and be able to earn profits and grow their incomes . Here are some of the profitable businesses to engage in with a capital of a hundred thousand Kenyan shillings .

1 . Pool Table Business .

With your hundred thousand Kenyan shillings buy a second hand pool table worth fifty to sixty thousand kenyan shillings . Look for a vacant room in your local centre and put it their and start your pool table business . On daily basis you Will get more than two thousand Kenyan shillings depending on the times people play . Monthly you can get up to sixty thousand kenyan shillings which is good start .

2 . Dairy farming.

Buy two dairy cattle worth forty thousand Kenyan shillings each and use the rest to buy feeds . If this cows reach a time they produce milk you will be selling up to forty litres of milk per day .

3 . Poultry farming .

Buy mature layers of good breed and they will be able to lay eggs daily which you will sell them daily and realize huge profits .

Thank you that is what I had for today .

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