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Legit Easy Well Paying Jobs With Social Stigma

From my point of view, there are some good, easy and well paying jobs outside there but the only problem is social stigma as many people will look upon you.

Some of the jobs I have already been involved in which they payed me dearly compared to the one I did as a salesperson, for the salesperson I was given much respect since I could handle people of different classes they needed my assistance, though this job did not pay me well

Some of the jobs include:

1. Bar Attendant

I worked as a bar Attendant for almost one year before my further studies, here I was paid ksh 1500 per day, in a month I was always "rich" however this job had alot of criticism and always a day will not end without being mistreated.

2. Waiter and waitress

Waitress is among the best paying job that I did, though it had alot of commotions from the customers since some of the customers will deny my service whenever I went to their table.

3. Maid

One of the job I notice has alot of stigma is being a maid, here you are under the boss and most of the bosses are always rude whenever you are wrong and this results to stigma.

4. Food delivery driver.

Here you will always make money as you deliver food but one major problem is delayed delivery, some clients breath out fire whenever you are late.

This are some of the simple jobs though they may make you stressed at times due to people's negative reactions.

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