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Businesses in 2021 that are worth opting into that doubles your job paycheck monthly

Agriculture, trade, and services are the mainstays of Kenya's economy. In Kenya, small companies employ the majority of the population. However, some of these firms fail to make a profit due to the owners' lack of expertise and abilities, as well as a lack of cash to expand.

Here are some of the most profitable businesses you can establish or invest in, particularly if you want to make a lot of money without putting a lot of money into it.

1: Spare part sale business

It's a good idea to start a spare parts sales business. If you have some knowledge and skills in automobile repair, you can start in Kenya. It does not necessitate a large sum of money because all you need is a modest store or area to sell your goods.

High-end vehicles such as lorries, tractors, buses, and German cars are the most profitable spare parts businesses. Repairing low-end vehicles like matatus or tiny motorcycles is a less profitable spare-parts business.

2Airbnb business in Kenya

Why not rent out a spare room or a house you don't use very often to earn some additional cash? Many visitors from other nations travel to Kenya for vacations or business, but they can't locate hotel rooms at a reasonable price.

You can start this business by renting out a spare room or a house to foreigners who don't live in your area. Alternatively, if you don't have enough room, you can rent out your room when you're not using it. Airbnb, a website where people list their houses or rooms for rent, makes this possible.

3: Jewelry business

Many people enjoy buying jewelry, especially when it is beautiful and unusual, thus jewelry firms are profitable.

You can start this business by purchasing jewelry, learning how to make it utilizing online tutorials, and spreading the word through word of mouth.

4: Taxi business in Kenya

In comparison to other wealthy countries, taxis in Kenya are quite inexpensive. As a result, more people are using them, and it is a profitable business for people of all ages. You can begin your business by purchasing an old automobile, repairing it, and then painting it yellow to make it obvious that you provide taxi services. Then, utilizing social media sites like Facebook or word of mouth, promote the services.

Another option is to join taxi-hailing applications such as Uber or Bolt, both of which have promising commercial prospects in Kenya.

5: Baking and cake making business

Baking and cake making are profitable businesses that can be started with little money because all you need is a small oven to produce cakes, pastries, and bread. Because delivery services reach more customers than physical storefronts, the most profitable bakery business is one that provides delivery services.

You may advertise your business and grow your brand on social media platforms like Facebook. So go to social networking sites right now, make an account if you don't already have one, and learn how to use them for marketing.

6: Travel agency business

In Kenya, travel agencies are a wonderful company to start. The reason for this is that most individuals dream of seeing beautiful areas or traveling abroad, and they require the assistance of a travel agency to arrange their trip.

Because you can advertise your business on social media platforms like Facebook, the most profitable travel business is one that runs online. If you know how to advertise your agency, you will be able to reach a large number of individuals and conduct a lot of business.

7: Food sell business in Kenya

Food sales are a fantastic business to start in Kenya since people eat frequently and it is tough for them to prepare meals at home all of the time. They require food delivery services, ready-to-eat food from the market, or restaurant-cooked meals.

If you own a food business, you may simply expand it by providing home delivery services and selling online via social networking sites such as Facebook or Google+. You can also start as a street food seller, offering cooked meals to individuals in slums and rural areas who cannot afford to eat cooked meals in restaurants.

8: Landscaping business

If you have any experience and knowledge of gardening, landscaping, or lawn care tasks, landscaping is a wonderful business to start. Private residences require frequent maintenance for their gardens and lawns, thus the most profitable landscaping businesses cater to them.

Commercial buildings or enterprises are the least profitable landscaping firms since they require frequent care. Nonetheless, it is scheduled to fit into their budget.

9: Cosmetics business in Kenya

Cosmetics enterprises are a great way to start a new business. To make money, you can begin in Kenya. The major line of business is the sale of cosmetics such as nail polish and other skin and hair care items. You can also provide beauty services like manicures, pedicures, and makeup. This type of business involves very little capital because all you need is a business location and some cosmetics.

Cosmetics businesses thrive in cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu, where a large number of consumers can afford your services or products.

10: Computer sales in Kenya

In Kenya, computer sales are also a wonderful business to start. The reason for this is that most homes use computers for work, school, or enjoyment, and they are constantly in need of computer repair services and new equipment as PCs break down. You can establish a computer sales business if you know how to repair computers or buy used equipment and resell it as new.

Because they reach more clients than physical storefronts, the most profitable computer sales enterprises operate online. You can make a lot of sales if you have a website and social media profiles where you can advertise your business.

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