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Kenyans Reaction Toward Fuel Price Reduction

The public have been crying for the fuel increase in Kenya in last months.

The energy and petroleum regularity authority have reduced the prices of fuel by a certain percentage for Kenyans.

The fuel price lead to the increase of price of commodities thus making Kenyans citizen life hard.

Energy and petroleum regulatory authority (EPRA) have reduced price of Kerosene, diesel and super petrol in their latest review. The authority have reduced petrol and diesel by Ksh 5 per litre and kerosene by Ksh 7.28.

This means that the expenditure on fuel will go down starting today and also the price of commodities will go down. The rise in fuel lead to increase in price of commodities and many Kenyans could not afford to purchase the commodities.

Many Kenyans were complaining about the increase in fuel in Kenya while in the neighboring countries like Tanzania and Uganda the fuel is cheap yet the country like Uganda gets its fuel passing in Kenya yet its cheap.

Kenyans are hoping that the fuel will be further be reduced.


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