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Plant These Crops To Earn Money

Coriander cultivation has been one of Kenya's most successful economic ventures in recent years. Coriander is considered a spice crop by many Kenyans. It has a strong flavor and is high in Vitamin C and essential oils.

In Kenya, coriander is a simple crop to grow. It's a plant with a short stem. The majority lack adequate information about, among other things, the climatic conditions in which the plant will thrive. You need to know how to grow coriander and how much money you can make before you start coriander farming in Kenya.

Using fresh seeds is the best method for growing coriander. You'll find that coriander has two seeds, relying on which variety you're growing. To increase the rate of germination, split the seeds before planting. The seeds may be sown and planted simultaneously.

It prefers well-drained soil in general. It grows well in a variety of soil types, including loam, clay, and sandy loam. You must, however, ensure that the drainage is adequate.

When it comes to spacing, make sure they're at least 5 cm apart and that the rows are between 30 and 40 cm apart. Staggering the plantings is one of the best coriander farming techniques for achieving a continuous harvest. To put it another way, sow a few seeds every week as the plant grows. Even, before planting the seeds in the soil, keep them moist.

When the crop reaches a height of 20 to 25 cm, the green leaves of coriander can be harvested. It is not advisable to wait until the capsule is ripe since the price would be lower. Harvest the green-colored leaves as soon as you see them growing to the recommended eight.

Coriander market rates differ depending on where you live. In Kenya, coriander costs between Ksh 25 and Ksh 80 per kilogram. This means that a single acre of coriander will earn you more than Ksh 40,000 per harvest.

Your harvested coriander can be sold in local markets, hotels, or supermarkets. In addition, many coriander buyers in Kenya are end-users. That means selling directly to customers would net you a higher profit.

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