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Blame Ourselves for The State of Our Economy

     Mwananchi, it is your fault. I blame you, Mwananchi. Do you remember the ‘90s, Mwananchi? A time when all I needed to buy bread was 50 cents. Do you remember, Mwananchi? A time when walking with a newspaper in hand was a sign of vast wealth, a time when a thousand shillings was more than enough. I do remember our dreams of a better Kenya, but can you? Can you, please, recall?

     Just yesterday, I was in high school. It was after the December holidays and I had to shop for school. Just yesterday, Mwananchi, I walked into a supermarket. I took what I needed from the shelves. I remember looking at a litre of juice and thinking to myself, it is not worth it, Doe. I walked past the snacks swallowing hard as I moved, Mwananchi. I stood in the queue and when my time came I was shocked. The price was five thousand shillings. On me, I had only one thousand. A thousand, Mwananchi! I had to call home for more.

     A while back, Mwananchi, you could sell a goat and pay your fees. Just yesterday, father sold a cow, a goat and another cow for my first term. Two cows, Mwananchi, were all he had. When he came back, money in hand, I could see the tears in his eyes. He loved those cows, Mwananchi, particularly the hornless Ambia. He could kill for her. Do you know how many times, Mwananchi, we milked Ambia? Do you know how many times she fed us? A grown man cried that day. A big man, my father, cried. I blame you. I blame no one else but you!

     I remember a time, Mwananchi, a time when the change for a thousand shillings was scarce. Today, Mwananchi, students have thousands. When we are jobless but have to feed, who else can we blame? I blame you, Mwananchi. I blame you for your bad choice of leaders. I blame you for our bad economy. I blame you for our hardships. I blame you for the debts we have. I blame you for the rise in corruption. It is your fault, Mwananchi. I blame only you. 

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