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Use This Best And Effective Feeder In Your Poultry Farm For Maximum Production (Photos).

Poultry farming is highly carried out in Kenya. Farmers keep chickens in either small or large scale units. Chickens are very important birds to human beings; they provide food, manure, feathers and are a great source of income to the farmers.

For a farmer to realize maximum production in his or her poultry farm, he or she must use best and effective inputs. This article discusses new type of poultry feeders that the farmer can use to give food to the chickens.

Grandpa's Poultry Feeder.

Grandpa's poultry feeders have a cantilevered lid over the feed trough. This lid is lifted by the weight of the chicken stepping onto the attached platform. This allows the chicken to feed from the trough. Once the chicken leaves the platform the lid closes.

The merits of using grandpa's poultry feeders is that it is vermin proof and waterproof. It prevents entry of sparrows and rats that may eat huge chunks of your poultry feeds. About 3 to 4 fully grown chickens can feed comfortably in the grandpa's feeder.

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