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Kenya To Receive 44Billion Loan from IMF

IMF has struck Kenyan netizens again after approving to disburse 41 billion loan to finance a package approved on April. The contrevasiol International Monetary Funds was at logger heads with Kenyan netizens who had ganged up against it funding Kenya.

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Through it's social media IMF revelaed that Kenya will be receiving 410 Million us dollars SDR after it's executive board approved it. The funds will be disbursed over a period of 38 months under the Extended Credit Facility in an attempt to recover the economy of the country.

Elsewhere by Elections are heating up in the country as netizens cry out on how life has become hard. Since the start of the pandemic everything has changed and it has been hard for people to cope up with the situation in the country. We really hope as president Uhuru try's hard to boost the country we too play our part.

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