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Brief Details About Three Brothers Who Own Pwani Oil

Pwani Oil is one of the famous company sited in Mombasa. It specializes in manufacturing cooking oil, detergents for cleaning and washing soaps. Other range of products produced by Pwani Oil Group Limited include White Wash Extra, Diva glycerin, Popco Bar soap, Ushindi washing soap, Rainbow washing powder among others.

The company's main product is cooking oil that is sold under different brands which includes Fry Mate, Fresh Fri, Salit Vegetable Oil, Mpishi Poa and Popco cooking oil.

It was founded in the year 1981 by Malde brothers whose ascent is from India. The three brothers who are the founders include Ramesh Malde, Naresh Malde and Anil Malde.

The other executive team employed by Pwani Oil Group Limited include Patrick Mwenda who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Rajul Malde who serves as director for commercial development, Riten Malde as director of operations, and Rajan Malde who is the director of corporate affairs.

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