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Tears of small scale farmers

Small scale farmers in Nandi county those who register under eastern produce of Kenya (EPK), are complaining that there is a Hingly possibilities of them to obtain little income from there crop in the coming months because the campany reduced the number of fertilizer they ordered.

They were supposed to receive the number of fertilizer by there stated number but the campany opposed it, and instead the farmers had to receive the less number of bags and therefor, small scale farming in this county register under eastern produce of Kenya might be in hing risk of losing this year or rather they will have to force themselves to buy fertilizers from the retailers, which will be highly cost too for them to buy it.

Father more, the are complaining about reduction of this year bonus wich was lowered from 15 shiling per kilo to 6 shiling per kilo and due to this many of tea farmers, are saying that they might left Eastern produce campany, and exchange the campany to new outgrowers campany which was fully open by deputy President early this year.

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