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Requirements When Claiming Mpesa Money Left In The Account As Next Of Kin When A Person Dies

The primary purpose of safaricom is to a safe and secure form of communication and transaction process to its registered customers worldwide. Individuals usually uses the mpesa in depositing and withdrawing money using the safaricom agents. People also use the mpesa in saving their money. Many people claim it to be more secure and transparent as mode of saving as compared to other platforms. Many people keep on asking how they can retrieve back the money of loved ones left when a person dies. Here is the process and documents on your can claim it.

An individual claiming to be the next of kin should begin this process by visiting any safaricom shop to begin and launch his or her claims. Upon visiting the safaricom offices, you're required to provide the following documents which should always be valid for the process to go on successfully. This information can as well be accessed in the safaricom website in the below link.


1.Provide a valid national Identity card (ID), it should be an original or copy of claimants ID.

2.Provide a valid governments document which proves that the person is dead, In this case give the death certificate of the deceased person.

3.Provide a valid affidavit from a lawyer stating factual things concerning the relationship with the deceased.

4.Grant of letters of administration from the Court.

5.Grant of probate if any.

6.Confirmation of grant of letters of administration or grant of probate from a recognized court.

7.Letter from The area of the day chief, District Commissioner or Province Commissioner giving residential details and other unique information of the deceased person.

Thank you.

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