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What Top Billionaires in the World say About Their Wealth

When you see people like Jeff Bezos; the founder of Amazon and Bill Gates who founded Microsoft Inc, what usually goes through your head. Money matters!

Jeff, for instance, owns the world’s largest online store and retailer dubbed Amazon as Gates founded Microsoft Corporation Inc and he is a tech savvy guy who Forbes put as number one Tech investor.

Miles away in Africa, there is billionaire Aliko Dangote from Nigeria now valued by Forbes to be worth $11 billion. He has invested heavily in manufacturing.

The lives of these creatures makes some individuals continue wondering which Wealth Spells did they use to rise that much. Which miracle?

Jeff Bezos and Aliko Dangote.

Anyway, today we will tell you their respective secrets which almost sound related. For instance in a past interview with top media, Jeff Bezos was asked to describe in a few words what is the secrete and the source of his wealth. He answered this in a cryptic way; just like Jesus used to answer the doubting Thomases in parables.

“The day I decided to leave the so called ‘good paying stable & safe job, that’s when I started my real journey to financial success and freedom,” responded Bezos.

The Amazon founder used to work as a vice President of a reputable company and when he made up his mind to leave, even his family members were against it but he went ahead and walked away. By that time he actually didn’t have a clear road map but he went his way anyway.

Facebook Platform founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Billionaire Dangote on the other hand, said his main secrete to wealth is building, for years, a reputable brand name offering quality and affordable products. This is done to make people addicted to his products like a ‘strong cult’. They can’t live without it.

According to the latest data from Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Jeff Bezos 2021 net-worth is estimated to be $ 214 billion. On the other hand, Mr. Bill Gates is worth $98 billion.

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