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Moses Kuria Spills The Beans, Reveals GMO Foods Sold In Our Supermarkets

For the last couple of weeks the cabinet secretary for Trade, Investments and Industries Moses Kuria has been under fire after his plan to import 10 million bags of GMO maize to help fight hunger in the country. Although many people have disagreed with him on the matter the CS has maintained that he will continue with his plan and nothing will stop him.

To defend the GMO foods Kuria has come out to break silence about the GMO foods that are already in our supermarket shelves and Kenyans are eating without knowing they are genetically produced. While in an interview on Sunday evening Kuria said that the rich have been the top consumers yet they are the ones strongly opposing the importation.

Kuria while speaking to Inooro TV said that burgers and strawberry fruits are GMOs whose identity has been hidden. He said that many people have eaten these foods but have never known they are GMOs. He then asked those rejecting the foods to present a scientific proof that they are unhealthy to humans.

"Most rich people have been consuming these GMOs unknowingly but they are now trying to incite poor Kenyans. Strawberries and burgers are examples of GMOs that these people have been taking but they now want starving Kenyans to die of hunger. That's being selfish," Kuria said.

What do you think about Kuria's argument about the GMO foods in our supermarkets? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Don't forget to follow the page.

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