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Mitumba Business and How to Start


Every investment requires patience and this explains the increased number of complains I have had many people who do open bales business. Their complain mostly is not selling as they expected.Too much expectation always leads to disappointment and I really can’t understand how one would expect to compare her/his sales with someone who has been selling the same item for two or three years. Before you compare your newly opened mitumba business you should take this assumption about your competitors:

1.this person has already gathered customers who are loyal and are his/her ambassadors.

2.the location is well known for the same product over the years.

3. s/he has mustered customer's taste and preference.

Considering this clearly, it means that if you do not have patience in your business then you are not a candidate of success for one to succeed in life it requires a lot of patience .No patience no returns and life without returns is equally to a dead life where nothing moves. Patience in mitumba business for starters means you will incur losses but with time you business will pick and you will have build a good customer base and acquired some loyal customer.

The difference between you and the most successful person opening the bales is that s/he has mastered the art of doing it. The behavior of repeating day by day results you are expectation of new customers and knowledge building is a process which requires time and patience. Most successful people in this business took up to 15 years and would be lying to you if I don’t mention that most of the times you will incur loss butbit will turn to be a profitable business when you attain a good customer base. A satisfactory service leads to loyal customer.

The bible says those who knows their God they shall do exploits.

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