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The Eye Catching Pictures Of How Ship Is Built (PHOTOS)

Since the Invention of Shipbuilding between 1200 and 900 BC when Greeks and Phoenicians were building up sea trade, the activity have been of great help especially in promoting global trade. Thus shipbuilding involves construction of ships as well as other floating vessels on water and the activity is mainly carried out in a special place known as shipyard.

However the construction of ship greatly requires advanced engineering skills as well as team work. The construction lasts for very many years especially for the larger ships.

During the building, steel plats are combined to form large slabs through welding. Here every worker is specialised in a certain area, and of course the work occurs in shifts where some workers work during the day while others work at night.

During the building, the component parts of the ship are assemble separately then later joined together to form the whole ship. It is also important to note that the shipbuilding normally is carried out near the seashore for easy testing. After building the ship is completed, all the systems of the ship are tested to see how they respond to load and the ship's balance on water.

In the world, many countries practice shipbuilding, however China, South Korea, Japan and Philippines are the countries which have dominated the activity. Below are amazing pictures of shipbuilding.

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