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Border Petrol Station Investors Starring At Loses 6 Days After EPRA Hiked Fuel Prices

Investors in fuel filling stations business, near the borders of Tanzania and Uganda from Kenyan side,are now starring contemplating huge loses,after the vehicles owners and drivers started going for cheaper fuel from the border countries. 

The investors claim that their customers cannot afford the prices of Kenyan fuel,after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) hiked the them.Thus,the only option left is to go for cheaper ones.They are now calling upon the government to ensure that they lower the taxes introduced in the said sector,so that they can save their businesses.

This comes 6 days after the EPRA set high prices that have never been in the past.Something that has drawn tough debate amongst leaders and common man.This increase of priced has resulted in the increase of transport fees and production cost.

My reader,what is your take on this issue though? Kindly feel free to leave your response in a comment below.

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