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Kenyans React As Photos Of A House In Mombasa Too Small For A 2-Bedroom Go Viral

A housing project in Mombasa has caused a stir online due to the extremity that the developers went with the houses. The project dubbed as "2-bedroom bungalows" is made up of very tiny houses built on a tight budget.

These houses go for just half a million Kenyan shillings. The rooms for these houses are very small and just fit a few household items. Despite the uproar from those who came across the houses on social media, the developers have opened room to those who will purchase to do modifications. This is to help the home owners make additional spaces for the houses to be more accommodative in future.

The project has received criticism from members of the public. Most people feel it is not worth it. From pictures obtained online of the sample house, one of the two bedrooms was fitted with just a bed and no room for anything else. The other bedroom had a double decker bed probably for the children.

The sitting room only had space for a two-seater sofa set and one other single sofa. The kitchen on the other hand is just a sink for washing utensils. There is no room for other kitchen items such as cooker, gas cylinder and lacks cooking space or space for a cupboard.

The bathroom is a small room that is less than a meter wide. This design got many wondering if the project is worth. Most of them could not believe how a two bedroom house could be that small. Comments seem on social media suggest that not many are keen to acquire this type of a house.

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